Why You Send the Inquiry of Lashes to AVAPRO Lashes at firt time?

2019-09-18 0 作者 admin

Once you seeing the eyelashes, you would remember the AVAPRO Lashes. Our lashes are certificated by the users form all over the world. Good materials, fashionable styles, light weight, and wears comfortable.

avapro lashes

To give the clients a brand new feeling with our luxurous mink eyelashes as soon as posssible. We are now shipping all eyelashes from the stock directly in 24hours except the customized lashes.

To company the selling works, we are preparing the 3D-print patern (logo and information) on the cases, beautiful patern lash cases are in our stock ready to ship. If you want to do custom eyelash cases with your logo and information,just need 3 days for 1000 pieces,the prices are cheaper than the magnetic lash boxes. The magnetic lash boxes are needing at least 7-15days as per the different  boxes styles and logo requests. 

Time and efficient are very important to our eyelashes line now. You will show the lashes to our users at firt time, the users with the luxury lashes may find a good boyfriend, she may be charming in the party, and she may be the most popular gift to friends…

We are handmade every pair of lashes in our truly heart, to light every woman in makeup, lighing the beauty lift to the owner of our luxury mink eyelashes line.We are your base manufacture and supplying partner. Please feel free to cotnact us right now. Every inquiry will be the most appricated. You have found a way to a bright future.

Any other question,please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Best regards & Thanks!

AVAPRO LASHES, your most sincere eyelash partner