Why we don’t use black color to custom lash case

2019-08-28 0 作者 admin

We don’t use the black color for the bottom of custom lash case container. Because of the the lashes is black color, that will not perfectly showing the lashes in the boxes.

It is not that black is not suitable for lash box, but black is not suitable for inner lash box, because the eyelashes are black, and black inner lash box will not display eyelashes better.

we usually give advice to the clienteles on the mat-gold , pink , holographic, white colors to the bottom under the the eyelashes. And the gold color showing nobleness. The other light colors showing the lashes clear and cools.

Some clienteles enjoyed the black custom lash box, because it’s easy to show the logo and information of the lashes boxes in outside. But the inner bottom color under the lashes don’ t use black color.

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