Why our Quotation of Eyelashes Without Discount?

2019-07-09 0 作者 admin

AVAPRO LASHES company is a professional eyelash vendor and manufacture who specializing in high quality mink eyelashes, 3d mink eyelashes. These lashes are handmade piece by piece by our workers. Every lash is a condensation of the workers’ efforts. Let me tell you why our quotation of eyelashes without discount?

Best quality mink fur materials for the mink lashes the costs of mink fur is very high and requested every hair with tips. The lashes look more nature and light weight.


Our skill workers were trained at least 6 months before to make finish lashes. The good skill worker payed best salary in usually. The total costs are very high.

The lashes were sold out before they stay in stock. The orders are returning quickly. So it’s no need to deal with the stock pairs of mink eyelashes

No matter the orders big or small, the same time costs for the workers.

There are many styles of packages for the lash samples, we can pack them soon and delivery in short time.

Especially, there is no discount for the samples order. The quantity are less, the first time get the eyelash samples to the next orders for selling is very important on the time. So please don’t make discussion on the prices of the samples order.

 The first time to take up the market by the best lashes is first.