Why launched an eyelash set

2020-04-21 0 作者 admin

Dear customers, please keep in mind that every decision Avapro make is based on “maximizing customer cost savings, creating maximum benefits for customers, and focusing on the long-term development of each customer.” Eyelash set is no exception.

The number of eyelash set varies from 10-20 pairs, mixed styles. These styles are popular styles in the market, or newly design styles, most helpful to customers to open the market in the shortest time. Because there are always a lot of customers who ask these questions, we are ready for you. You can also make your own judgment according to the actual market needs, and independently match the style. Tell me, let me help you!

As long customer make the decision, we will meet it. The eyelash style can also custom according to the customer’s needs. No matter what aspect, everyone should show their own characteristics. Makeup is no exception, unique makeup is your outstanding performance among many people.

In addition, from the perspective of international express delivery charges, the minimum fee for international express delivery is $ 30. We calculated the number of eyelashes within 0.5 kg. So that the cost of each pair of eyelashes was the lowest.

Buying a few more pairs of eyelashes allows you to have more styles to match different styles, and the freight is evenly distributed to each eyelash. Will also decrease and save you money. That is a good choice.

Modern people have precious time, obvious personality, and do not like a single model, so their makeup is sometimes light makeup, sometimes heavy makeup, so you need different styles of eyelashes to match, buy different styles at a time to prepare for unexpected needs.

Consider more than you. Try to find shortcuts to make beauty easy is our dedication.