Why don’t we introduce the low-quality Lashes to you?

2019-01-08 0 作者 admin

Many buyers said to me, “why are your 3D mink eyelashes always at the high price level?” Because our lashes are high-end eyelashes.

 “why don’t you introduce some eyelashes with low prices?”

 “when will you give some eyelashes with low prices?”

I am really very very sorry. Our prices of 3D mink lashes are at high pricing level for good material, high technical equipment’s on furs processing, experienced workers in handmade, the famous designer on new styles. The prices on these costs of high quality. But the eyelashes with low price level means the low costs of materials, low salary for workers, and no designers. Low price means the bad quality of mink lashes.

High-end eyelashes

I didn’t recommend you to buy low-quality lashes or defective lashes, for the main reason of bad looking in wearing. The eyelash is the soul of whole make up. It’s easy to find the beauty or not. That’s different from the products from the industrial production, i.e. the different materials of metals fixed in the wall. We only know different colours and thickness these apparent to the naked eye. The bad quality lashes caused bad effected on your showing: individuation, temperament, sublimity…etc. maybe you will lose the good boy if you have bad quality lashes on. Poor showing, that cannot reuse, hurt eyes…etc.

High-end eyelashes

I never recommending low-quality eyelashes to our customers and partners. AVAPRO transmit the beauty from the heart, light every person has our lashes. We believe the beautiful thing will last a long time in our hearts. we are

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