Why are your prices so high

2020-07-01 0 作者 admin

Recently, a customer is picking our 6D mink lashes and asking “Why are your prices so high?” Dear customers, as a high-end eyelash supplier, I will answer your question “Why are your prices so high?”

The Quality

Our eyelashes are made of mink tail hair that naturally falls off, and are hand-made by skilled workers. All the steps of making eyelashes are purely manual operations by workers, and no machine is used in any link. This is unmatched by other suppliers. The vast majority of suppliers still use half-machine production, and the produced eyelashes are not uniform in length, and the left-right asymmetry has no beauty. The customer said that the prices offered by your competitors are $2 each. Why are your prices so high? Then I asked about the quality. The customer did not answer this question, and the quality problem can be imagined.

Why are your prices so high

The Beauty Of Lashes

Skilled eyelash workers also need a perfect design drawing to produce beautiful eyelashes. We have a professional design team, designers will regularly launch some new styles for customers to choose according to fashion trends. In addition, we also support customized eyelashes. You only need to tell us your specific requirements or send us a picture of your eyes, and then we will design your eyelashes according to your requirements or your eye shape.

In addition, we also provide customization and production of eyelash boxes, so that the eyelashes you buy have a more suitable eyelash box.

The above is just one of our biggest advantages. I believe it is enough to explain why our prices are so high. If you want to know more about eyelash customization and eyelash box customization services, please contact me. If you want to know more about our advantages, please contact me. AVAPROLASHES is your trusted partner.