Why are our eyelashes so expensive

2021-05-17 0 作者 Mary Ma

As the best eyelash supplier in China, we receive a large number of customer inquiries and orders every day.  Some of them ask, why are our eyelashes so expensive?  

It is true that the price of our eyelashes is expensive compared with that of other suppliers, but our eyelashes still sell well and are very popular.  What is the reason it?

1. Excellent quality

Good quality is the guarantee of good sales.  Eyelash is worn on the eyes, only good eyelashes can wear comfortable, natural, realistic, more textual, and more flexible and more aesthetic.  Our eyelashes can be worn for many times, up to about 25 times, and the styling lasts for a long time.  Customers have such an experience, wearing eyelashes is a kind of enjoyment, use up this pair, will buy more pairs.  

2. Leading the fashion styles

We have a strong research and development team, and we have our own designers.  According to the changing demand of the international market, we constantly update the style, and always walk in the forefront of fashion, leading the international trend of eyelashes!  Many of our designs quickly became hot style!  Our designers are able to make custom designs according to customer requirements, which is unique in the market.  Help customers to consolidate the market, but also more competitive.  

3. Owned factories ensure production capacity

Our factory has been committed to the research and development and production of eyelashes, and has trained a large number of stable and experienced skilled workers.  This ensures our continuous production capacity and high quality products.  For some of the best-selling and hot style eyelashes, we can produce and deliver at the fastest speed, can help customers in the first time to get the best-selling style, occupy the market, so that customers get more business opportunities.  

Therefore, our eyelashes, although expensive, can help customers to have more valued customers,obtain more and greater profit space.https://www.avaprolashes.com/best-eyelash-supplier/