Why 3D Silk Eyelashes are widely use in Middle East ?

2019-09-11 0 作者 admin

Why 3D silk eyelashes are widely use in Middle East area ? Are the reasons Female aesthetic or cultural influence?

At the beginning of popular false eyelashes, the 3D silk eyelashes, then mink lashes instead of it. Because of the mink lashes are more light weight, more natural curl and much like human eyelashes.

2016, our AVAPRO lashes company designed and produced different styles of 3D mink eyelashes. And we took part in the Beauty world Fair in UAE. The eyelashes distributor and lashes wholesalers were buying 2000 pairs of the mink eyelashes at the first day of exhibition. In order to offer the best feeling and service to the visitors and eyelashes dealer. Our eyelashes factory replaced 5000 pairs to the lashes exhibiting stand right away. And these mink eyelashes sold out again in 3 days.

But the year 2019, we took the same Exhibition in Dubai, all visitors and eyelashes wholesales were asking inquiries of silk eyelashes.

Why are people now opting for velvety eyelashes instead of shedding them, despite all the advantages of sable eyelashes?

The women and girls are liking the mink eyelashes , especially 3D mink eyelashes always. So their female aesthetic no problem.

I guess, their husband don’t allow them to take so beautiful makeup for others. That’s belong to eyelashes cultural influence.

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