Wholesale 6D Mink Eyelashes

2020-12-02 0 作者 admin

Today, I introduce our 6D mink eyelashes 20mm and 25mm eyelashes. It’s double thickness and dramatic eyelashes, real mink fur in handmade. This knowledge is you must know when you wholesale 6D mink eyelashes.

6D 20mm mink eyelashes

This is a part of 6D 20mm mink lashes, they are produced on the basis of 20mm 3D mink lashes. As you all know, 3D means three dimensional. 3D lashes have perfect curvature and three-dimensionality, which can better show the unique beauty of the eyes, and 6D eyelashes are generated on this basis, making it more perfect.

Wholesale 6D Mink Eyelashes

6D 25mm mink eyelashes

Now what you see is a part of 6D 25mm mink lashes. Due to their very long length, 25mm Lashes have overcome many difficulties in production. The length of each natural bristled eyelash is limited. The longer the length of the lashes, the smaller the space that the skilled workers can operate during the placement of the hairs. These are only the production process of 3D 25mm eyelashes, 6D will be more difficult, so you will definitely fall in love with these high-quality 6D eyelashes

Wholesale 6D Mink Eyelashes

As a high-end mink lashes supplier, we can provide high-quality 6D lashes for you. We also can provide the custom lashes service. We must meet all of your needs if you want to custom lashes.

If you want to wholesale 6D mink eyelashes, please contact me, various kinds of 6D mink lashes for your reference.