Where are high-end lashes better than low-quality lashes?

2020-05-14 0 作者 admin

High-end lashes is popular

As the saying goes, cheap is not good, the value of everything link to its quality, and lashes are no exception. Some customers will ask why you don’t recommend me several low-cost eyelashes. Your eyelashes are almost twice the price of other suppliers. So, I can only say that, sorry. We only provide high-end lashes. Because low prices represent low quality, why don’t we introduce low-quality lashes to customers? Willing to follow:

First, low-quality eyelashes will not only affect the corporate image but also affect the customer’s experience. Low-quality eyelashes feel uncomfortable to wear, and may cause eye allergies and affect health. We wear eyelashes to become more beautiful, but low-quality results tend to be counterproductive. What we want to do is long-term transactions, do not want to do one-time transactions, customers are God, everything should be based on customers.

Second, low-quality eyelashes are often impossible to reuse. They are neither aesthetically pleasing nor have to be replaced frequently, so we will not recommend low-quality eyelashes to customers. On the contrary, our high-end eyelashes can protect the beauty and quality of the eyelashes while ensuring the wearing comfort of the eyelashes, and can be reused 25-30 times. So it can also give you a part of the money in this regard.

Next, we use a set of pictures as a comparison to explain the difference between high-quality eyelashes and address eyelashes

High-quality lash
low-quality lash

Obviously, it can be seen that the low-quality eyelashes are thick and the eyelashes are not comfortable to wear, and the eyelashes are very chaotic. They will not make you look beautiful after wearing them; high-quality eyelashes are different. Your eyelids feel relaxed and comfortable, and the well-organized eyelashes look very beautiful.

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