What is the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes

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Because of the many styles of eyelashes, thousands of eyelashes indeed made of two raw materials-mink hair and silk. Mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes are loved by different groups of people. So, what is the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes?

Raw materials

First, the most essential difference is raw materials. Mink eyelashes are made of mink hair, while silk eyelashes are made of synthetic materials. Because of the choice of raw materials, these two types of eyelashes are loved by two kinds people. Vegetarians and animal protectionists pursue the cruelty of eyelash materials, so they are more inclined to silk eyelashes, and some people can accept both types of eyelashes.


Secondly, the curvature is also different. The silk eyelashes are firmer and more able to maintain their curvature without distortion. And because of the material, the silk lashes look very angular and angular. This is not the case with sable eyelashes, because the sable eyelashes are made from naturally mink hair, so the sable eyelashes are sensitive to temperature. Affected by temperature, the curvature of mink’s eyelashes will also change slightly, which makes the mink’s eyelashes more flexible and natural.


Third, the biggest difference between mink lashes and silk lashes is that silk lashes are limited to some short lashes such as 13-16mm, 16-18mm, and 18-20mm. Once the length of the eyelashes is increasing, the velvet eyelashes will lose his original beauty. The sable eyelashes are different. Whether it is long or short lashes, it can be easily controlled. For example 25mm mink lashes, 28mm mink lashes. No matter long eyelashes or short eyelashes, mink eyelashes can always show a unique beauty.

For easy reading, the comparison of the three aspects is summarized as follows:

Mink LashesSilk Lashes
Raw materials mink hair synthetic materials
Curvature Can change with
more flexible
Fixed curvature will not
Length Suitable for full length
Only for short lashes

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