What is the difference between mink lash and faux mink lash?

2021-12-24 0 作者 Mary Ma

Eyelashes have mink eyelashes and faux mink eyelashes. The biggest difference between Mink and Faux mink is the material.  

Characteristics of mink lash

Mink lash is made from naturally shed mink tail hair, not synthetic.  Mink fur features: soft and strong, fluffy, glossy color, natural hair type.  3D mink lashes are hot selling luxury mink eyelashes and favorites by beautiful girls from all over the world. The style we have now: 3D and Natural.

Characteristics of faux mink lash

Faux mink is manufactured and chemically synthesized. We have silk, vegan material.  It is the same as artificial synthesis but also has its own characteristics.  

Silk: The silk material is parallel and neat, giving the characteristic luster of silk.  

Vegan: Also synthetic, but lighter and more natural in texture silk.  It’s a current trend and a great choice for vegetarianism.  

The Eco-friendly lash is a vegan lash, which is made of Bamboo protein fiber. The original intention of the development is to better imitate the effect of mink hair, light and natural, soft with the texture of real mink hair, and the price is cheaper than real mink hair, so it is very popular among consumers.  

Degradable material: with the support and development of environmental protection, there are higher requirements for synthetic materials, so degradable is the trend now and in the future. As an eyelash supplier, we have been committed to the development and research of environmental materials.  

Price difference between Mink lash and Faux mink lash

Because the material is different, so the price is different.  For those just starting their own eyelash business, Fauxmink is a better option, with a smaller budget and easier to close the deal.  A faux mink is also a great option for vegetarians.  Due to its high price, Mink lash is more suitable for the middle and high-end market positioning of customers who have their own regular customers and have high requirements for eyelash quality. It is easier to develop high-quality customers and improve profit share.  

All in all, the mink lash and faux mink lash produced by Avapro lash are of high quality, which can help buyers occupy different markets. Good quality is a strong guarantee for a lasting business.  

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