What is high-end mink hair eyelashes

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High-end mink hair eyelashes are eyelashes made for high-pursuit consumers. This type of consumers have strict requirements for themselves, strict requirements for business, and strict requirements for life. They have higher requirements for details. It is the reason that why high-end eyelashes are born.

What is the key to high-end mink eyelashes

Material selection

Good mink eyelashes require strict procedures, and good eyelashes should be made with the best materials first. Because only good raw materials can make good products.

In order to ensure the naturalness of the eyelashes, we find that each hair of the human eyelashes is thin. But only the mink hair at the end of the age of two years meets the requirements.

We found that the human eyelashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. So we asked the workers to pick the mink hair with straight hair peaks one by one from the hair that naturally fell out of the mink as the raw material.


However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct eyelashes. According to the characteristics of mink hair, we have developed a unique process formula to cut, disinfect, dye, remove scales and other processes for these selected high-quality hairs, in preparation for the subsequent shaping of eyelashes.

high-end mink hair eyelashes

Design concept

Designers must have high-end ideas, keep up with fashion and makeup trends. According to different periods, people ’s ideas and requirements for beauty, natural, conservative, open and bold, research their eyes shape, skin color and other audience groups. Design the style drawings of different people through the golden ratio, which better and more accurately highlights the characteristics of everyone.

As a supplier of high-end eyelashes, we are very attentive in selecting materials. And we have a team of skilled workers, a professional design team and market team. If you are a novice, our market team will let you know based on the market environment you face. And if you are a veteran with rich experience, you will be satisfied with our products with just one glance.

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