What is better about false eyelashes than grafting eyelashes

2020-04-27 0 作者 admin

Where is false eyelashes better than grafted eyelashes?

As we all know, the beauty of a person’s face often comes from the eyes and the beauty of the eyes is closely related to the eyelashes. So more and more women start with eyelashes to make your eyes more beautiful. There are usually two methods, wearing false eyelashes and grafting eyelashes.  Wearing false eyelashes has many advantages over grafting eyelashes. So What is better about false eyelashes than grafting eyelashes? Let me tell you now.

  • The price

Anyone who has done eyelash grafting knows, it is very expensive and need lots of time to do it.At least you need to lie there for an hour. But wearing false eyelashes is just the opposite, you only need ten seconds to wear false eyelashes and maybe you can buy several pairs of eyelashes use the cost of doing grafting eyelashes.

  • The effect

In fact, grafting eyelashes consumes a lot of money and the effect is not very significant. It will fall down about 15 days, then you have to do grafting eyelashes again, or your eyelashes will look uneven and very ugly. If you choose a high-quality, with careful use, you can use an eyelash 20-30 times, wearing it all day without problems. Don’t need consider these questions.

What is better about false eyelashes than grafting eyelashes
  • The style

Well, beauty is not single but diverse. The style of grafting eyelashes has been fixed, you can only use this one. Try to consider, use this style for work, this style for dinner, this style for parties, and this style for dating, isn’t this strange?

Other advantages

The advantages of false eyelashes are reflected. False eyelashes have various styles such as, the short eyelashes, the long eyelashes, the thin eyelashes, the thick eyelashes, the curl eyelashes and so on. You can choose from many styles, and each style will give you different beauty.

Try false eyelashes, now. It can help you save time and money. It can give you all kinds of beauty. If you want to use false eyelashes, you can contact us. We will provide you with a variety of very popular high-end handmade false eyelashes, and tell you more about what is better about false eyelashes than grafting eyelashes.