What eyelash accessories do you need to match the first order

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What kind of eyelash accessories should choose?

Everyone loves beauty and will decorate themselves with some cosmetics. Every girl who loves beauty starts by dressing her eyes, and delicate eye makeup starts by choosing an excellent eyelash. When you first place an order for eyelashes, you must purchase some eyelash accessories. So, what eyelash accessories do you need to place an order for the first time?

Eyelash box

Choosing a good eyelash box is essential. A high-quality eyelash box skill reflects your unique aesthetic and can help you better protect your eyelashes. As we all know, the main function of the eyelash box is to protect the eyelashes. When you take out your eyelashes and put on the outside, it will accumulate dust after a long time, which is very bad for the maintenance of your eyelashes. Therefore, it is necessary to buy an eyelash box together when buying eyelashes. If you only buy a pair of eyelashes, you can buy a small eyelash box with various shapes and not monotonous. If you buy more pairs of eyelashes at a time, you can buy an eyelash book, which is convenient and saves space.


Tweezers are divided into pointed tweezers and flat tweezers. Pointed tweezers for removing eyelashes from the plastic tray, and flat tweezers for helping you wear eyelashes. These two tweezers also protect eyelashes. Compared with the hand, pointed tweezers can reduce the contact area of ​​the eyelash band when removing eyelashes, and can remove eyelashes faster without hurting the roots of the eyelashes. Flat-tipped tweezers are better than hands because flat-tipped tweezers avoid contact with the hairy peak when wearing eyelashes and maintain the curl of the eyelashes.

Eyelash glue

Eyelash glue can better help the eyelashes stick to the eyelid and maintain the stability of the eyelashes. It can glue false eyelashes to the roots of eyelashes to beautify the eyes. It can create a variety of exaggerated stage effects. The false eyelashes using eyelash glue can be repeatedly attached, and the glue on the false eyelashes can be removed when removing makeup.

Buying these eyelash accessories when you place the order for the first time. This can achieve the effect of protecting eyelashes and reusing eyelashes. If you want to buy some quality eyelashes and eyelash accessories, you can contact me. Our products will definitely satisfy you.