What are the types of eyelashes

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Effect factors for types of eyelashes

As one of the beauty products, false eyelashes are more and more popular. False eyelashes have also become popular choices. There are thousands styles of false eyelashes, so what are the types of eyelashes? How to classify eyelashes? What are the criteria for classifying eyelashes?

Raw materials

As we all know, raw materials for eyelashes include mink hair, silk, synthetic chemical fiber and so on. So, the first classification criterion is to classify according to raw materials. This is the easiest way to classify eyelashes and the most common method we use. And this classification method allows customers to make better choices of eyelashes from the material.


According to the craft eyelashes can divide into two categories — Handmade eyelashes and Machine-made eyelashes. In fact, because hand-made eyelashes are made by hand, hand-made eyelashes have a higher quality. Machine-made eyelashes are produced quickly, but the quality is not guaranteed.


Length is also an important criterion for eyelash classification. Different styles of eyelashes have different length, according to the length, eyelashes can be divided in to 15-16 mm eyelashes, 17-18 mm eyelashes, 20 mm eyelashes, 25 mm eyelashes, 28 mm eyelashes etc.

types of eyelashes


Different styles of eyelashes have different curls, which also gives different styles of different styles of eyelashes. According to curl, eyelashes can be divided into 3D eyelashes, 5D eyelashes, 6D eyelashes even 18D eyelashes. This also provides convenience for people with different eye types and skin to choose eyelashes.

types of eyelashes

Others include the density of the eyelashes, where to wear it, etc. If you have any questions, you can contact me. I am happy to help you. And we are the one of the largest supplier in China, if you want to buy eyelashes and eyelashes boxes or custom eyelashes and eyelashes boxes, you can contact me, too. We can create the products you want according to your requirements.