What are the most popular eyelashes in the US in 2020

2020-05-12 0 作者 admin

AVAPROLASHES launch a new lashes — wand lashes. This eyelash has been very popular since its launch. The most popular eyelashes in the US in 2020—–WAND LASHES. As a new product, why is wand eyelashes so popular?

the most popular eyelashes

Material selection Environmental protection

The wand eyelashes made of a new type of synthetic material-bamboo protein fiber. The material is renewable and can naturally degrad, which is very environmentally friendly. In the extraction of bamboo fiber, using new scientific technology to avoid the dust pollution caused by the old method of crushing bamboo. The whole process of environmental protection from production to use to recycling is deeply loved by environmentalists.

Wand lashes’ texture close to mink lashes

From the perspective of material, bamboo protein fiber and mink hair are essentially composed of protein. Therefore, in terms of texture, wand lashes and mink lashes have a very high degree of similarity. Wand eyelashes also have the same characteristics as mink eyelashes, but in fact wand eyelashes will perform better than mink eyelashes. Because the wand eyelashes made of synthetic bamboo protein fibers, which are artificial materials. Therefore, the wand lashes are firmer, easier to maintain curvature, and more shiny.


It is undoubtedly cruel for animal protectors to make mink hair into eyelashes and wear them on their eyes. Therefore, they prefer vegetarian eyelashes made of synthetic materials. The vegan eyelashes currently on the market are velvet eyelashes, but the velvet eyelashes seem to be “stunned”. It does not, like mink lashes, generally have a slight change in curl with temperature. The eyes look more flexible, but the wand lashes can. Because it is essentially the same as the material composition of mink lashes. Therefore, the wand eyelashes are popular with vegetarians because of their special characteristics.

There are many reasons why wand eyelashes become the most popular eyelashes in the US in 2020. Do you want to learn more about wand eyelashes? As a vegetarian, do you want to buy high-quality wand eyelashes? In fact,Contact me, AVAPROLASHES will meet all your needs.