What are the classifications of lash boxes?

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As a well-known eyelash supplier, Avapro lashes have sufficient research on eyelashes and eyelash related products. This article will answer some questions for novice eyelash entrepreneurs. The first question, what are the classifications of lash boxes?

What are the classifications of lash boxes

At the beginning of the eyelash industry, some accessory products were also produced, such as lash trays, tweezers, glue, lash boxes, and so on. With the continuous development of the lash industry, the accessory products of lashes are constantly updated. For example, the lash trays have changed from the transparent lash trays at the beginning, to the white lash trays and colorful lash tray. Then to the environmentally friendly paper lash trays. The lash boxes are also constantly updated.

Classification of lash boxes

The original lash boxes were mostly rectangular and square paper boxes, with single colors and monotonous styles. With the continuous changes in customer needs, lash boxes of other shapes and materials have slowly appeared, such as round, hexagonal, octagonal, butterfly-shaped, and so on. As for the material change, the paper boxes are transformed into an acrylic box. Compared with the paper boxes, the waterproof and load-bearing capacity of the acrylic boxes is better. But the only point is that it cannot be reused. With the continuous enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, new environmentally friendly lash boxes have been introduced, which are also paper lash boxes, but these lash boxes have become easier to recycle and reuse, and can be naturally degraded. There are also cartons with PVC windows derived from ordinary cartons, cartons with mirrors, and so on.

What are the classifications of lash boxes

In summary, the classification of lash boxes are rough as follows: ordinary paper boxes, acrylic boxes, and environmentally friendly lash boxes. As a supplier of high-end lashes and lash boxes, Avapro lashes can meet your various needs for lashes and lash boxes. If you want to know more about what are the classifications of lash boxes, please contact me. I will tell you more.