What are the classification of eyelashes?

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Avapro Lashes is one of the largest eyelash suppliers. This blog will continue the topic of the previous blog and answer a few questions for the novice eyelash entrepreneur. The second question is What are the classification of eyelashes?

The classification of eyelashes

There are many types of eyelashes. The first eyelashes are human eyelashes, which are also the cheapest type of eyelashes. As the name suggests, this type of eyelashes is made of human hair, so the appearance is not gorgeous and beautiful, and the quality is not good. In order to pursue high-quality eyelashes, major eyelash manufacturers have begun to try to use animal hair to make false eyelashes. From horse hair to mink hair, after trying many medium materials, I locked the mink eyelashes. The eyelashes produced with mink hair are gorgeous and beautiful in appearance, and they look neat and comfortable after wearing. Since then, mink eyelashes have been very popular.

What are the classification of eyelashes

Later, the voice of animal protectors became higher and higher, and vegan eyelashes were produced. There are many types of vegan eyelashes, but most of them are made of chemical fiber materials. Vegan eyelashes made of chemical fiber materials are not easy to be recycled or decomposed naturally after being discarded, and will eventually pollute the environment. In response to this situation, the designer of Avapro lashes has developed brand new vegan eyelashes, using new technology to extract bamboo protein fiber, make it into silk, and then use bamboo protein fiber silk to make new vegan eyelashes. The eyelashes are also made of protein, so the vegan eyelashes are as much as 98% similar to mink eyelashes. We call it magic wand eyelashes. Once launched, it is loved by customers.

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