What are the classification of eyelash accessories

2020-05-07 0 作者 admin

Each cosmetic has its own small accessories, and eyelashes are no exception. The rich and varied styles of eyelashes create rich and diverse beauty. With some small accessories, eyelashes can be protected while showing another kind of beauty. So, what are the classification of eyelash accessories

1. Eyelash box

The eyelash box has a variety of shapes and beautiful appearance, and its most important role is to protect the eyelashes and prevent the eyelashes from being contaminated with dust. When choosing an eyelash box, you ca n’t choose it at will, because the eyelash box is an accessory for eyelashes, so a box suitable for eyelashes is the best. The length of the eyelashes is the most important factor in choosing an eyelash box. If you put 25mm or 28mm mink lashes in an ordinary round box, it will definitely damage the eyelashes.

2. Tweezers

Tweezers are divided into pointed and flat heads, which have different uses. Pointed tweezers are used to remove eyelashes from the eyelash holder, and flat-tipped tweezers are used to wear eyelashes. Both tweezers also have a common function-protecting eyelashes. Pointed tweezers can protect the eyelash stems and the bottom of the eyelashes, while flat-tweezers can protect the eyelash peaks.

3. Glue

Glue is generally divided into three types according to color, white glue, black glue and transparent glue. Eyelash glue is used to stabilize the eyelashes on the eyelids. Generally, apply the eyelashes for about 30 seconds after the glue is semi-dry. In addition, white glue and black glue can also help you make up your eyes.

4. Eyelash brush

Different eyelash brush heads have different effects on the eyelashes. The curved brush head can lengthen the eyelashes. The cone brush head can strengthen the thick and non-agglomerated effect. The rotating brush head combines the effect of slender and curling , The mini brush head is more suitable for brushing the lower eyelashes, making the eyelashes look clear.

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