Welcome old friend to Visit AVAPRO Eyelash Factory

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July 6, 2019, It’s a very sunny day. The weather is not hot, it’s 23 degrees. AVAPRO have an old friend Lilly and her family. Welcome old friend to Visit AVAPRO Eyelash Factory.

AVAPRO Eyelash Factory

Start own eyelashes line

Lilly was a student who studied at Rice University junior in 2012 when she would like to start her own eyelashes line. But she doesn’t have experience and much money in this line. She looked for our AVAPROLASEHS as her first vendor and the boss Oscar told her how to start her own eyelashes line.

Have good mink eyelashes vendor

At the beginning of her business, there were some difficult her met. The eyelashes business was developing slowly for the own eyelash line starting. However, she insists that there will be a good market for good quality eyelashes, as long as the customer tries it, she will fall in love with the high-quality mink eyelashes. Through word of mouth, Lilly’s eyelash business quickly improved. The business volume is slowly increasing. At 4 months, an average of 45 pairs of eyelashes can be sold each day, and by 6 months, it reaches 100 pairs lashes of daily. After two years of development, she hired two employees to do business together.

Eyelashes Occupation

After graduating from Lilly, she concentrated on eyelash business. She married Mr. Smith in 2016 and gave birth to her first child, Samara. The eyelash business brought her new life and confidence, which became the direction of her efforts. The monthly business volume is now around 15,000-20000 pairs of 3D mink eyelashes.

Deep cooperation- Eyelashes Drop shipping and customized eyelashes styles

The visit was mainly to deepen cooperation, and we are deeply developing and cooperating in eyelashes drop shipping and customized eyelash styles. Expect a new future.

Welocome more friends to visit AVAPRO Eyelash Factory.