Wearing False Eyelashes

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A flutter of the eyelashes can get a girl everywhere, so it is important to keep our lashes looking luscious. False eyelashes are the perfect tool for transforming any make-up look and accentuating eyes. Like us girls, no two pairs are the same, from the multicolored, inch long – perhaps best kept for Halloween – to the feline flick. Here are a few tips and tricks to creating the perfect lash look. Wearing False Eyelashes is a good way that can make you looks more beautiful. Wearing False Eyelashes will make your eyes looks bigger.

Wearing False Eyelashes


First things first, select the right style. Three things which must be kept in mind to ensure the perfect style is chosen; the eye, the event and the entire look.


Choose a lash to compliment your eye size and shape. Smaller eyes will be overshadowed by extremely long eyelashes, while short and natural styles will become lost and futile if applied to large, wide eyes. Longer strips can be trimmed to size – always snip from the outside and measure against your natural lash line.


Drag-queen styles can look amazing for a wild night on the town, not so much for lunch with the grandparents. To lash or not to lash, that is the question. Always consider whether the falsies are a necessity for the occasion. Sometimes they are the crossing of the fine line between sophistication and The Only Way Is Essex.


An important guideline in the world of make-up is eyes or lips. If you’re desperate to show off your new scarlet red lipstick, then thick, voluptuous eyelashes should be avoided. The look we are going for is flirty and feminine, not Barbie goes face-painting.


Talking from experience, application of fake eyelashes can be the cause of tears and tantrums. Contrary to popular belief, false lashes are surprisingly easy to apply. All it takes is practise practise practise. Most brands will come with step-by-step instructions, but generally the important steps are; apply a thin line of glue to the false lash, leave for 30 seconds until the glue becomes ‘gloopy’ as this will allow it to stick rather than slide, position the lash just above, not touching, the lash root and press firmly for about 10 seconds.

Strip eyelashes are easiest and quickest to apply, for those of you with the patience of a saint, individual lashes have a beautiful effect and last longer – sometimes up to four weeks.


After a long night, the thought of climbing into bed is all often too tempting. Luckily, fake eyelashes are quick and easy to remove. Simply peel, gently and slowly, from the outside corners for pain-free removal. Place the lashes back in their packaging, to ensure they are kept in good condition, ready for their next appearance.