Wearing Different Eyelashes On Different Occasions

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First, select simulated false eyelashes.

The best part of the eyelash is thin, as far as possible to reduce eyelashes cross. Such lashes must be pruned naturally when they are brought to the part of the eye. According to the length of the eye, the length of the false eyelash should be pruned. As far as possible, it is consistent with the length of the eye. It can also be slightly shorter than the eye. This allows the false lashes and eye shape to have a very placard fusion. Don’t be too long or too short. Too long easily distorted, too short will show incomplete. So in the pruning time and the length of the eyes to make a comparison, in the pruning. Wearing Different Eyelashes On Different Occasions will show the different effects.

Wearing Different Eyelashes On Different Occasions

Second, with decorative false eyelashes.

This eyelash is more suitable for festivals, dinner and other occasions to wear. The lashes are simulated. They are only embellished in the trunk of the eyelashes, which will embellish crystal, sequins, or colored strips, to highlight false lashes and embellish eyelashes, to produce different gorgeous effects, and to bring gorgeous and special eye makeup to women. Visual. Such false lashes should be properly trimmed according to the length of the eye type. When wearing it, be sure to warp the true lashes, and then brush the mascara. This is the false eyelash, because the false lashes have a very good object, so it can’t be in the ciliary hair cream, otherwise the small ornaments will be destroyed.

The last one is to take part in the false eyelashes used on the stage.

The lashes are thicker and thicker (and the false lashes of different colors, such as blue, purple, yellow, gold, etc.), are very unsuitable for life. Even in a dinner, party, and other fashion, the words can be exaggerated and exaggerated and made. So the eyelashes are very suitable for stage performance and other stage art. When the eyelashes are thick and thick, they tend to be hard, so you can put up the true eyelashes and do not have to brush the mascara, and wear such a false eyelash after the eye line is finished. It can increase the contour of the face and eye and affect the stage on the stage. So, so if you take your eyelashes to life, shopping, and banquets, you will give people false, creative, exaggerated, and unconfident impressions, so persuade many women who love false lashes, such lashes are not taken in everyday life. Wearing different eyelashes on different occasions will better reflect your social charm.