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Lashes Story

Today, one customer from America used to buying the 3d mink eyelashes from us told me her story. She said she should choose high-quality lashes instead of bad lashes.

One month ago, she bought some samples of mink eyelashes, she checked the styles and test the quality is good. Then she bought a lots of these lashes. However, when she got the large lashes. She found these eyelashes are different from the samples. And the quality is so poor. Some glue on band on the outside. In addition, the length of hairs are different, the right eye lashes are not same as left eye lashes. The crisscross of the hairs for the lashes are different angle degrees.

Bad lashes

The most import thing is that some users claim the eye felt bad after wore the bad lashes. She want to reject and back the lashes. Nevertheless, the supplier cannot agree, and will not return the money back. There are many kind of lashes in lower prices between $2~$3/pair. But the quality really bad. Out of safety level for the body. In order to protect your eyelashes well, please wears the good quality lashes and adhesives.

High-quality lashes

high-quality lashes
highhigh-qualityavapro 3D mink eyelashes

High-quality lashes in good quality made of the high quality raw materials by the experienced workers. Every pair of 3D mink lashes are checked by our QC before left factory. In addition, our lashes have good reputation in the customers. Every there are hundreds of eyelashes packages sent to different countries and areas of the world. Our lashes are good at the natural perfect looking, wears comfortable and various of styles, lashes life are 25~30 times in reuse.

Lashes new update

Our eyelashes designing team are taking the new style lashes every week. Every styles of lashes become new point to promote the customers’ eyelash line developing. Therefore, AVAPRO lashes is cooperating with the partner tightly to give users the fashionable feelings.

Make every pair of lashes by our hear, light everyone who wearing Avapro lashes.

So, do you want to buy high-quality lashes? Contact us, AVAPROLASHES will meet all your need.