The lashes question of your Lashes Business your may meet 2?

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What kind of feeling are we wearing your mink lashes ? Is it nature ?

It is natural to bring it, and our eyelashes are thin and soft. It will not be the same as the belt, but it is very comfortable, 0 burden! How to solve these lashes question.

I am doing stage supplies for rent. I know that there are also various colors of eyelashes, shaped eyelashes, feathers and sequined eyelashes. Can you do it?

We are the most professional mink lashes supplier, we also have a stable supply chain service for eyelash peripheral tools. It can be done. These are special times and special purposes need to be booked in advance.

What is the minimum amount of 3D mink lashes? If I have to order a large batch, how many days can you deliver? Or can I just have 10 pairs of mink lashes?

We don’t have a minimum amount of eyelashes. Lashes MOQ. We hope that every person who loves beauty has the financial ability to bring our eyelashes, promote word-of-mouth, increase product recognition, and help you sell products better. Our eyelashes are the best value for money.

Lashes question

If you want to order large quantities, it usually takes 10-15 days to deliver. You must first tell me the quantity and look at the factory’s order period. You know that good style of mink lashes are always in short supply. Contact information. . . .

Regarding the delivery time of 10 pairs of eyelashes, we have enough stocks for the best-selling styles, usually 24 hours delivery. What do you want? Contact me,I will help you solve these lashes question. whatsApp.+86 17669625100, Email: talk in detail. . . .

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