The production process of Avapro lashes

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As a high-end eyelash supplier, Avapro lashes has nearly 20 years of experience in eyelash production and export. How can we run the eyelash business for so long? Next, I will introduce you to the production process of Avapro lashes.

Avapro lashes have very many types of eyelashes, which are divided into two categories. The first category is mink eyelashes, and the second category is vegetarian eyelashes. Among them, we have 3D mink lashes and 6D mink lashes for mink eyelashes. Vegan eyelashes include 3D silk lashes and wand lashes. Our mink eyelashes are curly-free. We have our own eyelash production plant and mink breeding base. All mink eyelashes are taken from the mink breeding base. During the mink hair removal season each year, our workers will use the mink tail hair that comes off naturally with the comb and gently as our raw material. And our breeding base has enough space for the mink to move freely to ensure the brilliance of the mink. The eyelashes are also hand-made by our skilled workers to ensure the quality of the eyelashes and the symmetrical beauty of the eyelashes.

The production process of Avapro lashes

In addition, wand lashes are made of bamboo protein fiber, a new type of protein material. The eyelashes produced are 98% similar to mink eyelashes. And this material can be degraded naturally, which is very environmentally friendly. Therefore it is called a new type of Vegan lashes. Because of this feature is very popular.

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