The new style of Vegan lashes

2020-12-25 0 作者 admin

Now, more and more people are pursuing vegan eyelashes, replacing mink eyelashes with vegetarian eyelashes. However, a problem arises. Vegetarian eyelashes are not more plastic than mink eyelashes and are slightly inadequate compared with mink eyelashes in terms of wearing effect. How to solve this problem? In order to cater to the needs of consumers, we have specially developed a new style of vegan lashes — wand lashes.

new style of Vegan lashes

The usual vegetarian eyelashes are mostly made of chemical fiber materials. Although there are different names, chemical fiber materials are very easy to plastic. Once the shape of the eyelashes is fixed, it is difficult to make any changes. In addition, chemical fiber eyelashes are hard, not soft, and uncomfortable to wear. But our newly developed vegetarian eyelashes have just improved this problem.

Our newly developed vegetarian eyelashes are called magic wand eyelashes. It is made of a new type of raw material, which is extracted from bamboo and is called bamboo protein fiber. Eyelashes made of this material are not as rigid as chemical fiber eyelashes. Because they, like mink eyelashes, are composed of protein. Therefore, the similarity between magic wand eyelashes and mink eyelashes is nearly 95%. From its launch to the present, the sales of magic wand eyelashes have been booming, and the lower prices and the best quality have become a big factor for consumers to buy.

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