Wand false lashes-The new lashes

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What is Wand false Lashes?

The materials of wand false lashe is made of Artificial protein filament. It’s different from mink lashes, but similiar with the mink hair, someone called them faux mink lashes. This is wand false lashes.

It’s real vegan lashes

The wand lashes are vegan lashes. It’s culty free. That is charming your makeup as well. Just the shape stick and styles are many kinds.

wand lashes

The texture of the wand lashes is close to that of mink lashes but different from that of mink lashes, their raw material determine this. From a biological point of view, the main component of mink hair is protein, and the raw material of wand eyelashes is also artificial protein silk, which is why wand eyelashes are similar to mink hair eyelashes.

The material also determine the difference between wand lashes and mink lashes . The material of wand lashes is artificial protein fiber. So it is better than mink lashes in terms of firmness and curvature.

It is precisely because of this characteristic of wand eyelashes that It was popular by countless customers as soon as it launched. Feedback from consumers on wand lashes is also positive

Now, there are 10 styles of wand eyelashes to selection. You can choose any style you are favorited on. Any question please feel free to contact us soon.

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