The Hero of False Eyelashes Man – Young ages

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It’s a small village local in the east of Shandong province like another village as well in the 1980s. The people who live here are all farmers, they have the hobbit of makeup neither girls nor women. Every family relied on the original cultivation of more than ten acres of land. At that time, there was no mechanical work. The families here are all doing farm works starting at sunrises and off when sunsets and the whole family income is also the output from the farms. There is not much surplus every year. But the happiest thing is the children in free time after school, the hordes of children flocked to the village road with the bells of school. The hero of false eyelashes man lives in this village.

Oscar is a younger boy who didn’t have many words every day. He had few friends for the other guys laughed at him without brow and eyelashes when he was born. He often sits there alone in a daze. He fancied that he suddenly grew thick eyelashes and eyebrows. He painted himself on paper and painted thick eyebrows and eyelashes to make himself look no longer special.

The Hero of False Eyelashes Man

One day, he wondered why I didn’t draw an eyebrow for myself. He found black ink and painted his eyebrows with a small brush in the mirror. Although the two sides are asymmetrical, it looks pretty good. He has been happy with his masterpiece for a long time.

But what about eyelashes? Eyelashes can’t be drawn on the eyes! He has been thinking about how to make a pair of false eyelashes for himself. He suddenly thought of the two large cattle used in farming.