The Hero of False lashes Man – false lashes loved by the Classmate

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The cousin was very happy and returned to the Home in the city with some pieces of false eyelashes from Oscar. When he arrived in the classroom, Oscar walked into the classroom with a short false lash. He was worried about his heart and worried that his classmates laughed at him. At first, the classmates didn’t pay attention to his eyelash’s changes, after the first lesson. Jenny who sitting in front of him found his eyelashes growing, and it’s really very beautiful. She couldn’t help to praise his cleverness. And that caught the attention of everyone soon. What Oscar didn’t think was that most girls expressed their love for eyelashes. When everyone learned that he did it himself, he has more admired.

False lash

The design inspiration of false lash

As time went by, Oscar made more and more false lash with different styles and gave them to the students. Everyone no longer laughed at him, and gave him a nickname – “The King of Eyelashes.” Even the male classmates have asked for one, and they are attached to the lips of the group as a beard. It has become a happy dessert for everyone.

Another weekend, the cousin came again, mainly to buy eyelashes. She brought a few pairs of eyelashes back last time. She took the eyelashes and attended a party that was classmates. One of her classmates studying in the United States. She said that this small product will definitely be liked by many people in the United States. She wants to take a sample of the eyelashes and go back and ask relating events. The cousin took all his new eyelashes and gave him 5 yuan. Know that the money of the 90s can buy a lot of things. What makes Oscar happy is that her false eyelashes are recognized and liked by others.