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Aim of the beauty false mink lashes

When a person concentrates on one thing, it can really burst into infinite energy. Oscar is such a person who is extremely eager to learn a pair of the most beautiful false mink lashes.

The parents knew that he was making false mink lashes, and he praised him very much. The mother cut her long braids for him to test and make more material for the eyelashes. Oscar has a pair of smart and dexterous hands. The more different types of eyelashes are made.

waterproof false eyelashes
waterproof false eyelashes

The arrival of the cousin once again completely broke the calm of his regular life. She, a classmate who studied in the United States, was deeply attracted by this false eyelash when she was gathering with her. She knew that this new product brought a new market. Several pairs of false eyelashes she brought were sold in classmates and were sought after by many students. Xiaoli decided to expand her quantity and style to do her own eyelash line. And let the cousin come to buy more false eyelashes.

The first pair of silk lashes in the world

With the expectation of this production, the cousin and Oscar’s parents had a deep exchange and made silk false eyelashes according to the silk thread that can be imitated on the market. Oscar has also become a teacher of parents, making eyelashes according to his ideas and experiences. In this way, silk eyelashes appeared and began mass production.

false lashes
DSZ08 3D silk eyelashes
false lashes
DSZ05 3D silk eyelashes
false lashes
DSZ59 3D silk eyelashes
DSZ02 3D silk eyelashes

Silk lashes are different from animal and human hair. There is no natural spirituality, and it takes a lot of effort in the process of artificial production to realize the beauty of makeup through fancy changes. It is going to make it harder to design lashes styles. However, for designer Oscar, this is something he was interested in, and he is willing to delve into it. In this way, through continuous exploration and testing, they produced 500 pairs of silk eyelashes in 20 days. And the perfect carton is used to make a perfect package, and these eyelashes are the hopeful of everyone in the family.

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