The Greatest Love

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Most Chinese parents are not good at expressing
Probably never heard them say “I love you”
I secretly loved you all my life from childhood to action
When they were young, they never said they loved you
Quietly gave you the best
Whether poor or rich, sick or miserable
Love everything for you, including your own life

Parental love, special love


On the street in the winter evening, a father picking up his daughter from school, he took off the thickest coat on his body and put it on his daughter. As he shivered, he looked at his daughter affectionately, fearing that she accidentally tripped over the clothes that were about to mop the floor.

Fatherly love is silent, but it is always there.


On the 11th holiday, there was a mother carrying her son in the procession of climbing the Great Wall. The 9-year-old son suffered from congenital myasthenia, which she had spent a lot of money and had not cured.

The child said that he wanted to watch the waterfall, play rafting, and climb the Great Wall … she didn’t hesitate to carry the child. Ordinary people are tired and paralyzed when climbing the Great Wall, but she smiled and said: The child is very happy, and I can persist.

To the world, mother is a mortal;
But as far as you are concerned, she is a superhero and is willing to carry the child to fulfill all his wishes.


She always worked overtime until late at night in the city. After struggling for four or five years, she still couldn’t gain a foothold in the city. Every time she calls her parents, she tells the good news and not the bad, pretending to be fine.
But there was a time when she was about to hang up. Her mother said, “Go home if you can’t hold it. Parents don’t have much money, but it’s no problem to raise you. A girl, she’s too hard outside …” Instant tears …

When everyone cares about how high you fly, only they care about how tired you fly.
May your efforts keep up with my parents’ old age.


This was an ordinary wedding, but when the music sounded, the father, who had been paralyzed in a wheelchair for many years, suddenly struggled to stand up, tremblingly took her daughter’s hand, and accompanied her on the most important part of her life.

The old man has been paralyzed for many years, and doctors say he can only spend years in a wheelchair. But when he heard about his daughter’s marriage, he secretly prepared for more than half a year. With the help of a physical therapist and a caregiver, he barely learned to walk with his painful body.

No one at the wedding scene knew the special “dowry” prepared by his father for his daughter.

The person who loves you always does a lot of things for you that you do n’t know, just because he loves you, he never feels that something in this world is difficult …

When your life has reached new levels;When you are busy and excited about going to school again and again;When you are immersed in the joy of being promoted again and again;When you have tears of your love and family,
Your parents are quietly getting old;When you are old, change me to love you quietly

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