The Best Way to Do Custom Mink lashes to Update from Lash styles have had.

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Since beginning of the September, there are many customers want to custom some lashes styles for their clienteles or users. How to do custom mink lashes styles ? I have answered in my bloger June 11,2019 – How to custom mink lashes?

Today, I mainly tell you how to custom eyelashes in fast way– update from the styles of lashes we have had.

For examples, one of American partners, Ms. Robert, she wants a short shoter and wispy 3D mink eyelashes with clear band eyelashes.

She bought the samples first for checking the styles she favorited on. And she got many responces from her clienteles. The she list the lashes she prefered to.

For examples. Updated 3D66

custom mink lahses
  • I love the length and how wispy they are.
  • A few adjustments: make sure both eyelashes are identical & have same amount of hairs on both. Replace with a clear band,
  • The same thin Clear band as 3T15.

After, the lashes updated

custom mink lashes

You can show clearly the styles is , and requests clearly.

AVAPRO Lashes’ designers and production manager will do the production as per the requests.

The best way to custom eyelash styles that updated from lashes have had.

AVAPRO Lashes handmade every pair of lashes in truly heart, lighting the woman’s beauty life, lighting the world where avapro lashes went.