The best vegan lashes

2020-10-30 0 作者 admin

Now, as people’s awareness of protecting animals continues to increase, vegan eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, vegan eyelashes on the market continue to appear. So, how to choose the best vegan lashes?

First, let’s first understand what vegetarian eyelashes are. Vegetarian eyelashes are different from mink eyelashes in that they are not made from animal hair, so they are called vegetarian eyelashes. Most vegetarian eyelashes on the market are made of synthetic eyelash filaments. Eyelashes made of chemical fiber materials are stiff and easy to dazzle. In order to improve this shortcoming and improve customer experience, we have developed a new type of vegetarian eyelashes — wand eyelashes.

The best vegan lashes

The eyelashes of the magic wand are made of bamboo protein fiber. The eyelashes made of this new type of material have great similarities with mink eyelashes. No matter in terms of texture or feel, it feels almost the same as mink eyelashes. Although wand eyelashes are very similar to mink eyelashes, they are still quite different. The difference lies in the raw materials. The wand eyelashes are vegan eyelashes without any animal hair.

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