Test Lashes Quality and Choosing Styles

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Many friends always ask how to test the lashes quality? I just want to buy high quality lashes, but it is too diffcult for me. Now let me tell you how to test lashes quality and how to choose lshes style.

Testing 3D mink lashes Quality

Dip into the water 3 minutes, blowing dryer make the lashes dry

Like this video, if the lashes are high quality lashes, after the lashes are dry, they will definitely return to the original state. Because high-quality lashes are waterproof. If the lashes will not return to the original state, they must be the low quality lashes.

Observe the order of lashes

Generally speaking, the order of high-quality eyelashes is due to the arrangement, even if the arrangement is messy, it will reflect a messy beauty. The order of inferior eyelashes is very chaotic, and it gives a sense of disgust at first glance.

Choosing the lashes styles

For some friends, how to choose the lashes styles also is a quastion. Now I will give you some suggestions.

Choosing lashes accoridng to your eye shape

This is the best way to choose your lashes style. Different lashes suit different eye shaps. Choosing eyelashes according to eye shape is the most appropriate method, which can help you find the most suitable eyelashes for you.

Choosing lashes according to occasion

Choosing lashes according to occasion is a good way. You can wear different styles lashes go to different, such as when you are ready to take part in a pary, maybe you can try the 25mm mink lashes. 25mm mink lashes can create a better effect at the party.

Test Lashes Quality
Test Lashes Quality

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