Super long lashes—28mm 3D mink lashes

2020-06-16 0 作者 admin

The demand for eyelashes continues to increase, and the styles of eyelashes are also ever-changing. The development of eyelashes has produced many kinds of classification methods.Sorting by length is the most common classification method. 28mm super long eyelashes are also produced under the growing demand of people and under this classification. Now let me introduce to you the longest eyelashes that can be said to be, the 28mm 3D mink lashes.

28mm 3D mink lashes are the longest and unique style of false eyelashes.

The longest 3D mink lashes

28mm 3D Mink Eyelashes are the longest 3D Mink Eyelashes now. For young people with special events and pursuit of fashion and personality, this is already a long time. Most young people pursue individuality, do not like ordinary things, and buy unique things. They call this type of eyelashes crazy. This is a suit for girls attending special parties (such as Halloween).

28mm 3D mink lashes

The unique style of false lashes

28mm 3D mink lashes have been accepted by the public for a period of time from the beginning just for makeup evenings or young people’s pursuit of uniqueness. It has also become a daily wear item for some big-eyed girls. Extra long eyelashes with large eyes can collide with a more beautiful sparkle.

28mm 3D mink lashes

Our 28mm 3D mink eyelashes are all handmade by skilled workers, ensuring the symmetry and perfect curvature of each eyelash. Want to learn more about 28mm 3D mink eyelashes? Contact me to learn more. Avaprolashes, your best partner and best eyelash supplier.