Suitable For Your Eyes Makeup

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About eyelashes

Good eye makeup.Really can enlarge the eyes and adjust the eye shape.Deep eye sockets, thick curled eyelashes.Beautiful big eyes seem to speak.

3D Mink Lashes with black band

You know, eyelashes can make your eyes zoom in as much as 10 times ! A pair of beautiful big eyes, really can’t be less flying curls!In order to achieve the best big eye effect. It is recommended that the little fairies first clip at the root of the eyelashes. Then loosen the clip a little bit, use the fingertips to gently open the eyelashes to make the eyelashes fan-shaped, and then curl. The eyelash curler can be selected from a thinner style, and the curling degree can be compared.

The partial eyelash curler can also be used to adjust the end of the eye and the eye. If the natural eyelashes are short, you can attach false eyelashes. Note that after applying the false eyelashes, apply mascara to make the true and false eyelashes blend more naturally. The mascara is made of a distinct root and can be more fan-shaped. Eyes are the most important part of the entire face, a good eye makeup will show your charm even more