How to separate the quality of lashes

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Since the development of the eyelash industry, thousands or even tens of thousands of different styles of eyelashes have been produced. These eyelashes also bring different beauty and different feelings because of different styles and styles. But in such a large number of eyelashes, it is bound to distinguish the quality of the quality, so how to separate the quality of lashes?

The quality of the eyelashes can be considered from the following points:

1. Observe the appearance of eyelashes

High-quality eyelashes not only have a long service life, but also have a beautiful appearance. The eyelashes are arranged in an orderly manner, and the length and length of the eyelashes are distributed in an orderly manner. The peaks of the eyelashes are obvious and have a smooth curved curve. This is not the case with low-quality eyelashes. Low-quality eyelashes The order of eyelashes is chaotic. There are no smooth curved curves and hair peaks, which gives a low-quality feeling at a glance.

2. Observe the lashes

For high-quality eyelashes, whether it is a transparent stem or a cotton stem, it will be very thin and light. This is also good for the eyes, does not make the eyes feel tired, and it is more convenient for you to further apply eye makeup. The low-quality eyelash stalks are thick and thick, which is particularly obvious after wearing, and it is not convenient to further remove eye makeup.

3. Smell the smell

The appearance of some inferior eyelashes can be exceptionally gorgeous or even look better than good quality eyelashes, but you can smell the pungent odor when you smell it carefully. These pungent odors are derived from the inferior raw materials used in the production process of inferior eyelashes, which will threaten human health over time.

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separate the quality of lashes