Rules For Choosing False Eyelashes

2018-08-01 0 作者 admin

1, The finer the eyelashes, the more lifelike.

When choosing false eyelashes, be sure to pay attention to the fidelity of false high-end lashes. Too dark lashes in the light, will show a cheap sense of plastic. Eyelash pedicle thin and soft, stick must pay attention to eye, can not too warp.

high-end lashes
high-end lashes

2, High-end lashes too thick, too warp, show too false how to stick false lashes.

This choice of false lashes must pay attention to the small details inside. Daily wear false lashes, after wearing the “curl, length” over the eye socket. If exceed eyebrow, then whole eye makeup can appear more strange. When applying mascara, be sure to choose mascara that is less different from yourself, or the whole thing doesn’t look in harmony.

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