Put the Eyelashes Up Your life will be prosperous

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A beautiful life requires courage, and a good business opportunity requires bold courage. Seize the opportunity to open a new chapter in life. ‘You can, you up’ should change to ‘I can, I do, enjoy myself prosperous.’ ‘Put the eyelashes up, you can! Therefore, beauty is very easy, just a pair of 25mm 3D mink eyelashes.

Story of 25mm 3D mink lashes

That is a story about the 25mm 3D mink lashes from USA. In the year 2018, November, the designer of AVAPRO Lashes, show the big lashes, 25mm long mink lashes 3D styles.

25mm mink 3D eyelashes

Every one of our customers received the photos of 25mm 3D mink lashes right now. However, there are only a few customers who thought its an important opportunity to improve their eyelashes line.

Nika is one of the smart and courageous girls. She booked 50pairs of 25mm mink eyelashes as a trial order. As she received the lashes packages. She can’t wait to wear a pair of 25mm eyelashes DH002 and went out of the house.

When she walked along the road. Many young and beautiful girls hold Nika’s hand and ask her where she bought such beautiful eyelashes. Nika told them that this was her new lashes in her eyelashes line and kept their contact information of them, and promised to give them the eyelashes as soon as possible. There is also a user who can’t wait to get it, just follow her back to the warehouse to pick it up. In just 2 days, she sold all the big eyelashes 25mm.

Next, she has continued to order eyelashes from us. Now, the weekly sales are about 200 pairs of eyelashes. Last week, she visited our eyelash factory, told the story, and thanked us. It is our high-quality eyelashes that give him a wonderful life and goal.

I told her that it was her own decisive decision-making and bold grasp of business opportunities that made herself prosperous. ‘You can, you up!’Beauty is as simple as that, only a pair of false eyelashes.