Popular Style of 25MM 3D Mink Lashes

2021-05-18 0 作者 Kristina Xu

In order to meet the market demand, in the middle of 2018, our designer team developed 25MM 3D mink eyelashes. After the launch of 25MM 3D eyelashes, they became more and more popular, especially in the European and American markets, many popular style of 25mm 3D mink lashes quickly became the best-selling products, making the 3D mink eyelashes enter a new era.

This article will introduce you the popular styles and product features of 25MM 3D mink lashes.

25MM 3D mink lashes – hot selling styles

According to the need of different occasion, our designers design more than 20 different styles, and made names for the model of eyelashes with different dance music respectively according to use occasion suggestion. These styles keep up with the international trend and are hot sellers in the market. Here are nine of them:

popular style of 25MM 3D mink eyelashes

popular style of 25MM 3D mink eyelashes

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25MM 3D mink lashes – hot selling product features

25MM 3D eyelashes are longer, and we choose high-quality mink hair. All the mink hair is taken from naturally shedding mink tail hair, so it is comfortable to wear, and can present a more three-dimensional and vivid effect, making the eyes more attractive. At the same time, it is also suitable for more occasions, such as parties, weddings, dinners, dances and so on. Our designers designed more than 20 pupular styles, so that customers can have more choices, and to choose different models according to different occasions.

25MM 3D mink lashes – production process

Since 25MM 3D eyelashes are longer, for presenting a realistic, three-dimensional and vivid effect, they have higher requirements on the production process and the technical workers need higher skills in the production process. As an experienced factory, in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, we have trained a group of skilled workers specially for the production of 25MM 3D eyelashes.

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The catalogue of high-end 25mm 3D mink lashes

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