Plant Fiber Eyelashes

Qingdao Cannes Lashes Factory have launched a brand new eyelash material, fully degradable silk material.

The plant Fiber material can be completely degraded after a few years,

  • without any environmental pollution or greenhouse effect.
  • Material stability, high heat resistance,
  • high air permeability.

We hereby recommend you some degradable eyelashes cases, eyelashes and degradable eyelash tray for your reference.

The earth is our only home, and it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the burden on the earth.

Plant Fiber Lashes Latest Catalog

Re: As the lashes is small , we made pictures as big as possible for you to check the lashes material , The lash styles and the side lashes effect.

All lashes can be customized, such as change the length, the curve, the raw material and ect you like.