Party in the USA, False Eyelashes for the Women joiner (1/10 America Party Culture)

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As everyone knows, American people like Party very much. When they have the chance, they will get together and have a party. And in response to this situation now let me introduce you the false eyelashes of party. Women joiners are makeup in usual (such as false eyelashes DC01 for light makeup, 25mm eyelashes with brilliant makeup, 20mm eyelashes with a smart makeup… ) And, the reasons for opening the party are varied, themes and types are also diverse, weddings parties, birthday parties, for no reasons party, college parties, clubbing parties…etc. E.g:

Garden Party,Dinner Party,Reading Party,Cocktail Party,Tea Party,Fishing Party,Apple-Picking PartyWait, etc., for whatever reason, you can be a part

False eyelashes of party

Apparel Wearing

In American banquets or dance parties, the dressing requirements are generally indicated on the invitation, which are divided into the following cases:

1. White Tie (Ultra-formal)

The most formal occasion, the ceremony of honoring, the court dinner and the like.

Men: Wear a tuxedo tailcoat with a white vest, a white shirt and a white bow tie. There are two straight vertical stripes on the sides of the trousers. The trousers do not use straps and slings.

Ms.: A long evening dress with a large skirt and long style mink lashes.

2. Black Tie ( Formal)

The most common formal dress code.

Men: Tuxedo in evening gown, black satin collar with white shirt, black bow tie, black belt, black socks, black shoes,black eyelashes, black satin clips on the sides of the trousers and the same fabric.

Ms.: Evening dress Evening gown, with a small bag, the portable eyelashes boxes in the bag, wearing a bracelet instead of a watch.

3. Black Tie Optional (Creative Black Tie)

Men: You can wear Tuxedo or a formal dark round suit. You can wear a tie instead of a bow tie. The shirt is preferably white.

Ms.: Evening gowns, three-quarters of long dresses that are not mopping, or two-piece sets of elegant dinners, wearing bracelets instead of watches.

4. Semi-formal

Men: Dark suits.

Ms.: Short dress, elegant suit.

5. Dressy Casual

Men: more casual casual wear, like a suit jacket with casual pants, shirt casual trousers.

Ms.: dress, beautiful top with pants, sweater with skirt and so on.

6. Casual or Informal

This statement means that you can wear it casually, don’t wear suits, but shorts and sandals should be avoided. Women wearing a plain dress are definitely more elegant than wearing jeans.


When you participate in a Party in the United States, if you know that there are a large number of invites, then you should arrive at the Party for half an hour after the scheduled start time.

If Party starts early, you can even arrive one or two hours late.

This situation is called “fashionably late” in English and is a cultural habit in the United States.

However, if the party you are invited to is a small party, a gathering of several close friends, then you should arrive on time.


1. Keep smiling with your face. When you meet a friend you know, you should greet each other. When someone greets you, you should also greet other and express your concern.

2. Speak with sincerity and generous attitude; when others greet you, answer as simple as possible.

3. Praise each other more. Keep your eyes brighter with your charming 3d mink eyelashes. When the other person changes his hair style, there is a good place to praise as much as possible.

When you are a guest at home, you will have the opportunity to express your praise and gratitude to the host.

4. Don’t forget to say ‘Excuse me’, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’.

5. When introducing people, the general principle is to introduce the humble party to the honorable party. Specifically, the male is first introduced to the female and the young is introduced to the long.

After the introduction, the handshake must be short and powerful. Americans believe that a strong handshake represents sincerity and frankness.

False eyelashes of party

Social Communication

The ability to deal with strangers is something that needs to be exercised.

Take a good look at each party, someone will hold a glass of wine, stand in a corner, watch other people, find the object of dialogue.

At first you will feel abrupt, but after practice, you will slowly turn the coldness of a stranger into a “natural”, a “habit.”

False eyelashes of party

Security and Safe

To participate in the United States Party must pay attention to safety, the following precautions must be kept in mind:

1. It is necessary to know in advance the party’s sponsor, the purpose, reason, form and so on.

Accept or reject the invitation as appropriate. Measure your time to go and go back, say hello to your roommate or good friend, and make sure someone knows where you are going.

Check the direction and approximate location in advance on the Internet. Party will usually be held in the evening, please be sure to go with you.

2. It is best not to drink alcohol during the party process.

US law stipulates that drinking is prohibited under the age of 21, and is not allowed to enter bars or nightclubs. The law enforcement in the United States is very strict, please keep in mind.

3. Remember not to smoke cigarettes from others, especially homemade cigarettes.

4. Party should not be too noisy and too noisy.

5. The party will usually go very late, please choose the time to leave according to your own situation.

Don’t stay too long, don’t ask for leave because of your face, just tell the other party generously and honestly. When you are away, stay with you and don’t go to someone else’s home.

6. Girls go to the party and try to be with the boys who are familiar with trust.

In some cases, boys should properly and reasonably protect girls and prevent others from offending.

7. Please don’t party every night!

Have the right amount of entertainment, and keep plenty of energy for your work and life. Remember, drinking is a mistake!

In short, party culture is a part of American culture. It is a non-negligible part of the overall culture. Just like false eyelashes are part of the makeup and the soul of the entire makeup. Choosing the right eyelashes will make you charming at the party. If you want to know more about false eyelashes of party, contact me, I will tell you more.

False eyelashes of party
False Eyelashes of partyFalse Eyelashes of party