Official Lashes Leading lashes styles

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AVAPRO lashes supply the official lashes and customized lash boxes.

AVAPROLASHES has own design team. All lashes were all designed and handmade by our own engineers. This is the crystallization of our team’s wisdom and ideas. Every detail point is the worker’s understanding of beauty. AVAPRO lashes showing different beauty views from different angles. Every pair of eyelashes is a scene. Different people wear it, but also have different feelings. And official lashes leading lashes styles.

Official Lashes

We have always led the mink lashes fashion trend and never been surpassed.

AVAPRO lashes workers team are treating the lashes in true heart, to meet the true beauty from the heart. Our lashes are handmade 100% mink fur. And the best-quality are getting from the adult mink and the thickness of mink hairs are natural. The mink hairs are cruelty-free, combing the mink and collecting by the workers.

Our design team studying the culture of different countries and areas. They know the trend of popular lashes. We are getting the orders from the whole world everyday, and know clearly what styles lashes are the clienteles favorite on. The partners cooperated with our AVAPRO LASHES are growing together and got the good business in their market.

The imitated eyelash design, hard-understand official lashes styles.

The imitated lashes cannot get original lashes styles well in usually. The official lashes are handmade 3d mink lashes. Different workers have different understanding on the same style lashes. So the imitating works are difficult with the same lash styles. This is a purely handmade feature.

Imitation lashes may affect the wearing feeling of old customers.

In the selling works, the imitation lashes may cause different feelings for the old customers in wearing. If they are feel bad, they will reduce the buying purpose, effect the eyelash line.

So, the best choice is official lashes. If you want to buy some official lashes, welcome contact AVAPRO LASHES.