NOTIFICATION -against bad lashes

2019-08-30 0 作者 admin

NOTIFICATION. Recently, we received complaints from many customers that the quality of the newly received eyelashes is very different from the quality of the eyelashes of previous orders, and told us which salesperson is responsible for the business.

For the departing business personnel, we notified the customer the first time. There are several problems, and customers have to be alert.

First, the payment account information is changed.

For example, the bank information was changed and the PayPal ID email was replaced, for example, the company information was changed…etc. Be sure to let the seller provide a company business license to make a backup.

Second, the contact mobile number was changed.

For the steady development of your eyelashes line, please contact our company in time to learn about the latest lashes styles trends, of course, our sales staff will also recommend new lashes to you in a timely manner.

There are many eyelash packages sent to the world every day. There are also many peers who buy our samples for imitation.

For example, one company has stolen our eyelashes images from our website and bought our samples. The pictures and videos you see are all pre-made, and then use this information to deceive customers. Orders are obtained at a low price, but the placement of handmade mink eyelashes may copy up to 70% of the original eyelashes. They don’t understand the soul and technical characteristics of our eyelashes. This is why the received eyelashes are different from ours.

NOTIFICATION. We will not supply eyelashes to all employees who leave our company. Please tell us your needs or the places where you need help.

Our AVAPRO lashes company has always insisted on making high-quality eyelashes, so that every friend who has our eyelashes is more beautiful.