Normal lashes and magnetic eyelashes’s difference

2020-05-11 0 作者 admin

In general, eyelashes can be generally divided into magnetic eyelashes and normal lashes. There is not much difference in appearance between the two, but in fact there is a big difference. Want to understand the difference between magnetic eyelashes and normal lashes? Then read on.

The first difference is the weight between the two. Magnetic eyelashes, in other words, put magnet pieces that attract each other on both sides of false eyelashes and natural eyelashes or eyelids. A pair of magnetic eyelashes may need at least four pairs of small magnet pieces to fix it, so it weighs almost three times the weight of nonmagnetic eyelashes. Long time will cause eye strain. Non-magnetic eyelashes are different. Use special eyelash glue to fix the eyelashes on the eyelid, which is comfortable, light and soft.

normal lashes
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The second difference is their duration. Because the magnetic eyelashes use a magnet to fix it on the eyelid, he may need you to stabilize it frequently, because the magnet may fall off with a little force, causing the eyelashes to fall off entirely or one side. This will not show a perfect effect. Non-magnetic eyelashes are more advantageous in this regard. Because non-magnetic eyelashes use professional eyelash glue to fix it on the eyelids, it is very reliable and will not fall off easily. Therefore, in comparison, non-magnetic eyelashes are softer and more convenient.

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