New type lash boxes, lash tray—environmental lash boxes and lash tray

2020-12-19 0 作者 admin

Environmental protection has become a major trend at the moment. In order to cater to this trend and meet the needs of customers for environmentally friendly products. We have specially developed new eyelash boxes and eyelash holders—environmental lash boxes and lash tray.

Eco-friendly lash tray

This is a new type of lash tray, a cardboard-shaped paper lash tray made of paper pulp. This kind of lash tray is different from the traditional PVC lash tray. This new lash tray can be recycled and reused, and it can also be degraded naturally, which is very environmentally friendly. The traditional PVC lash tray needs to be placed in a deep pit, and artificial degrading enzymes are added to bury it deep in the ground, and it will be degraded even after years. But the degradation is not complete, and there will still be undegradable substances that continue to pollute the environment. In comparison, this is also the biggest advantage of environmentally friendly lash tray, customers receive, can be reused, can be naturally degraded.

ECO-Friendly lashes tray
environmental lash boxes and lash tray

Environmental lash boxes

The eco-friendly lash box, like the eco-friendly lash tray, can be naturally degraded and recycled. The eco-friendly lash box is also made of paper, but it is quite different from the previous paper boxes. In order to attract customers’ attention, ordinary cartons will add a layer of bright film on the surface of the cartons. It is this layer of bright film that makes the eyelash case very difficult when looking back. For environmental protection, we adopted a new technology to make the eyelash box dazzling without adding a layer of bright film.

At present, there are many shapes of environmentally friendly eyelashes, such as rectangle, square, circle, triangle, octagon, etc., which can be applied to eyelash boxes of various shapes. The eco-friendly eyelash box can also be customized. Want to know more about the new type of lash boxes, lash tray–environmental lash boxes and lash tray? Contact me and I will tell you more. Avapro lashes, an expert in custom-made eyelashes and eyelash boxes.