How to use social media to expand your eyelash business

2020-04-25 0 作者 admin

Now is the age of the Internet. With the continuous development of information technology, social media has also gradually developed. Everyone is using social software such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. And more and more companies are expanding their businesses through social media. So how to use social media to expand your eyelash business?

Use social media to make your lashes business become larger and larger

The first thing is that you should have good picture and video about eyelashes. Good pictures and videos will raise viewer interest, then they will consider whether to buy your eyelashes.

How to use social media to expand your eyelash business

The next thing is to post these photos and videos to social media. Picking the best photos and videos from all your photos and videos, and you can add some information of eyelashes such as the raw material is mink hair or silk, what is the curls and length, what eye shape does this eyelash apply to, etc. This way potential new clients can not only get a taste of your talent and style, but also get an idea of what kind of look they like, and would want when they come in for lashes. This will help you expand your eyelash business.

How to use social media to expand your eyelash business

To ensure beauty, make sure that all of your photos follow a similar theme. This does not mean that you have to use the same filter, background and photo method for all pictures. If you have an angle or style that you like to take the pictures from, stay consistent. Having a consistent theme or style will help our followers recognize your pictures and eyelashes. This is one way that you create your lashing “brand” for yourself and your business.

The third point is the time interval for uploading photos and videos. Updating on social media are necessary in time, so I suggest post one attractive photo or video to social media per day. It is not too hard, right? If you have no new photos, you can post other things about your eyelashes for example, a beautiful article. You can write an exquisite article with the pictures you posted before and there will be unexpected results.

Above are some suggestions about how to use social media to expand your eyelash business. If you have any question, you can send me an email or contact me. As an experienced eyelash supplier we are happy to help you.