How to learn lashes quality

2020-05-25 0 作者 admin

With the continuous increase of eyelash styles, high-quality eyelashes and inferior eyelashes are also emerging one after another. If you don’t have enough understanding of eyelashes, it is easy to be fooled to buy inferior eyelashes. So, how to learn lashes quality?

First of all, in terms of eyelash material. Eyelashes can be divided into two categories, namely mink eyelashes and false mink eyelashes. The false mink eyelashes refer to the eyelashes of silk and other materials, such as our exclusive lashes of avaprolashes-wand lashes.

Some unscrupulous merchants will use silk eyelashes to pretend to be mink hair eyelashes for sale, in fact, it is easy to distinguish. Mink lashes and silk lashes are not easy to distinguish in touch, but the visual effects are easy to distinguish. Eyelashes made of artificial materials are always different from real hairs. Silk eyelashes are arranged very neatly, without the natural sense of real hair. Another method is the incineration method, which is not recommended. Although the effect is good, the cost is high.

learn lashes quality

Regarding the method of identifying the same kind of eyelashes, smelling the smell is also a good way. High-quality mink eyelashes or velvet eyelashes will not have a pungent odor, but inferior eyelashes are different. Although the material is indeed the same, but inferior eyelashes will choose the cheapest inferior material in the choice of materials and will produce a pungent odor. It is not only bad quality that can cause eye damage. Learn lashes quality is very important.

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