Insist On The True Beauty Comes From The Heart

AVAPRO handmade every pair of lashes in true heart, insert a beautiful soul to the lashes. Let every lash are distinctive. We have the largest lashes factory in China.

One Of The Largest Lashes Factory

Qingdao AVAPRO Lashes factory, we are fours on the luxury lashes’ design and manufacture. We were doing business on the lashes in the year 2009. There are 10-year experiences on the lashes line. More and more partners from all over the world are growing with AVAPRO LASHES, transiting the beauty to the users.

Mink lashes

Now, there are 10 series, more than 1000 lashes styles available for collection. For example, the concept of 3D mink lashes took out by our designers in 2014, they are very popular in the world now; 25mm lashes and 28mm 3D mink lashes are longer styles, we pushed them in the market in October 2018. It is leading the popular till now.

The 3D mink lashes, especially, 25mm 3D mink lashes were pushing them on the market in October 2018 and leading the popularity till now. To meet different users’ demands, we launched the new series 20mm 3D mink lashes and 25mm 6D mink lashes. These lashes are enjoyable and welcoming by the lashes users and makeup artists.

What AVAPRO LASHES Is Insist On?

In order to make delivery fast, we make the list of lashes in ready to ship service and drop shipping service to our partners. All lashes services between AVAPRO and partners (lashes line owners), between the AVAPRO and end-users, are timely and fast delivery to let the lashes clienteles have a true feeling for the first time.

AVAPRO lashes insist on handmade lashes, insist the true beauty come from the heart. We treated the lashes as if the mother takes care of the babies. Every pair of lashes is made by our skilled workers. Moreover, the lashes skill workers were training for at least 6 months. We teach the workers how to put the single hair, how to get beautiful points, and how to follow the designer’s designing purpose and thought.

The belief in the pursuit of beauty experienced skill lashes workers, and high-quality lashes are the base to serve the lashes users. AVAPRO lashes transit the beauty from the heart light everyone who wears our luxury mink lashes.

We Insist On Lashes Design By Ourselves Teams

Lashes designing team

Insist Pn the High-Quality Raw Materials Of Mink Lashes

We use the high-quality lashes materials, 100% real mink hairs for the mink lashes. And all the mink hairs are getting cruelty freely.

We Insist On Handmade Lashes.

We insist on training the lashes skill workers

mink lashes factory

We insist on checking the lashes quality for each

Lashes factory QC

We insist on shipping lash packages fast and safe express

mink lashes factory